The Board of Airline Representatives in Canada BAR CANADA is a partnership of Airlines which have a street address in Canada.

The growing complexity in aviation results in an increasing importance of Bar Canada.
On the one hand it has a service and consultant function, on the other hand it provides the member airlines with information to improve their professionalism on the market.
In addition it serves as a common force of the airline community in non competitive fields, for example in negotiations with the authorities. BAR has been in operation since 1978 under AARC. It consists of member airlines, who pay an annual membership fee of CAD $700.00. Four meetings are held per year.

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Congratulations to BAR Canada
on its 40th anniversary  


To encourage and promote the interests of regular airlines engaged in the carriage of passengers and cargo to, from and within their respective countries.
To represent the interests of the member airlines so that the best possible conditions for successful civil aviation are created. The objectives are achieved by representing the members in dealings with many industry participants, including:

  • Politicians
  • Government Departments
  • Regulators
  • Airport Operators

As you would expect of an industry association, most of the work is done behind the scenes, keeping the members up to date with industrial and governmental developments that may affect their ability to conduct business.

However, the BARs do NOT engage themselves in:

  • matters concerning pricing policies and agency remunerations
  • matters of any other commercial policies between its members and their distribution channels
  • matters of commercial competition and debate between BAR members

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